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Trying Something New

I started wire-wrapping gemstones in September of 2019 and it has been such an adventure. I truly enjoy every point of the process. From ordering all the supplies to the finished product - it puts me at ease. With that being said, sometimes when ordering stones I would get the inspiration to do something different with them. I wanted to see them as rings! They were sitting on my shelf until I purchased some small geodes at a local jewelry and mineral store. I could not see the geodes being anything else other than a ring!

I had looked into electroforming before but after watching some Youtube videos I got super inspired to start a new journey. I filled up my Amazon and Rio Grande carts, waited until I got paid, and then made the investment!

Here is where I'm at in the process so far. I've placed the Apoxie clay on my gemstones with the copper rings and they have cured. Next I will put on the graphite conductive paint!

When you do #thething

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