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Scorpio “The Scorpion” Pendant

Scorpio “The Scorpion” Pendant

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$80.50Sale Price

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The stones included with this pendant are mookaite (encourages versatality), red garnet (stone of commitment, love, and passion), orange garnet (promotes companionship and affection), and black tourmaline (blocks negative energies).


The Scorpio Scorpion pendant gives off the same fiery, passionate that Scorpio placements are blessed, and sometimes cursed, with. They may be the most complex of the water signs because it is constantly being mistaken as a fire sign - which is very telling for their overall 'fiery' personalities. Scorpio placements are not to be taken lighthly and that is represented by their symbol being the small, but mighty scorpions. A rejection or a diss from a Scorpio placement always stings a little more than with others.


Please give up to 2-3 weeks for completion for the Scorpio Scorpion pendant custom option.


Comes with an 18" copper chain necklace.


All orders come with a handwritten thank you and crystal description note!

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