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Owyhee Blue Opal x Green Amethyst Pendant

Owyhee Blue Opal x Green Amethyst Pendant

$60.00 Regular Price
$42.00Sale Price

30% off the entire shop!

This pendant is made with an Owyhee blue opal stone and a green amethyst (prasiolite) stone.

Comes on an adjustable black cord necklace.

All orders come with a handwritten thank you and crystal description note!

Crystal descriptions:

Since ancient times, Blue Opal crystal is used for protection and emotional healing. This gemstone helps to release the negative thoughts that cause anxiety, fear, anger and depressions. I

Green amethyst strengthens peace and calm, and brings generosity, growth, health, happiness, harmony, stability, and fertility. Green is the colour of Nature and as such it helps relieving tensions and irritation.

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