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Gemini “The Twins” Pendant

Gemini “The Twins” Pendant

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The stones included with this pendant are: two labradorites (helps in times of transformation), moonstone (a stone for new beginnings), sunstone (represents the same briliant energy as the sun), orange garnet (helps with friendships and compassion), angelite (increases spiritual energy with its peaceful energy), and cubic zirconia.


This Gemini pendant represents the dualities and characteristics that can make a person feel whole. The purple labradorite shows off ones 'dark' side that resonates with the power of the feminine. There is a moonstone opposing the sunstone to give off the yin and yang energy that Gemini placements are known for. Gemini placements have many sides to them and their energy is everflowing - just like the day and night are. The blue/yellow labradorite how brightly Gemini placement personalities can shine due to their neverending feelings of curiousity. This pendant is emits cosmic energy that can motivate someone to always keep working towards new and exciting goals. 


Please give up to 2-3 weeks for completion for the Gemini Twins pendant custom option.


Comes with an 18" copper chain necklace.


All orders come with a handwritten thank you and crystal description note!

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